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Science Behind Technology

The advantages of the Desmet Ballestra acid degumming process are as follows:

Proven and reliable process with maximum flexibility

Degumming is a proven and reliable process. Desmet Ballestra designs the degumming process in a way that results in a stable production. Very high oil quality is guaranteed.
Many different oil types can be processed on one single installation, without extra investment cost.
There is the possibility to foresee the design of the plant to be even more flexible and to be able to process oils in chemical refining mode in case the crude oil quality doesn’t fit to the minimum requirements of the physical refining method.

Higher refining yield and lower operating cost

Neutral oil losses are lower for high FFA oils in physical refining than in chemical refining mode.
Moreover, in physical refining, there is no production of soap stock, a main source of pollution in chemical refining (with soap stock splitting).
Operating costs are lower in physical refining, since the caustic consumption is lower.